2019 Working Test Results

Open Working Gundog Test (Shikar) held 25th August by kind permission of Sara Chichester & Michael Raynor.  A hot day for the last test of the season.


Judges: Keith Sandercock, Nick Jordan, Trish Watson


1st    Studebaker Bugatti, LRD - Mary-Jane Opie

2nd   Zennawood Pitch Perfect, LRD - Jess Latham

3rd    Mowbarton Lexi Mae, LRB - Tor Pitcher

4th    Percuil Nuvolari Tazio, FCRB - Helen Ford

CoM Studebaker Corvette LRB - Mary-Jane Opie

        Teeshot Nickel, LRB - Mrs D Spencer

Top Golden Retriever - Gortons Bannatynes Bell, GRB - Mrs C Caines

Mills Cup Binneybottom Bullfrog Blue at Grayspeed, LRD - Robin Gray

Novice Retriever Working Test held at Newton Poppleford by kind permission of Clinton Devon Estates on Sunday 2nd June 2019.


Judges: Mary-Jane Opie and Peter Nicholas

1st     Sarnesfield Midnight Run, LR - Craig Perry
2nd    Ticefield Thunder, LR - Nigel Sheppard
3rd     Tunnelwood Seedfinch, LR - Mrs H Cartwright, handler Chris Betts
4th     Movenne Sabine, LR - Barbara Dolman
CoM  Percuil Dasher, FCR - Helen Ford (best other breed to winner)

Open Working tests for Spaniels and Retrievers, held by kind permission of Sara Chichester & Mike Raynor on Sunday 28th April 2019

Spaniel Judges: Simon Jones & Dave Locke

1st      Ddraigmon Dodger, ESS - Dennis Wills
2nd    Colcourt Comet of Conholthill, ESS - Chris Green
3rd     Rusty Freddie, CS - Rob Wilmott
4th     Rock and Roll Bob, CS - Rob Wilmott
CoM  Woodabudge Noah, ESS - Morwenna McNally
         Windwithe Double Dealer, CS - Peter Amor

Retriever Judges: Craig Perry, Margaret Allen, Helen Ford

1st      Zennawood Pitch Perfect, LR - Jess Latham
2nd    Saintcyres Cavendish, LR - Zoe Townsend
3rd     Skanseara Rockerfeller, LR - Peter Nicholas
4th     Lillyhorn Peregrine, LR - Caroline Nunneley
CoM  Mowbarton Lexi Mae, LR - Victoria Pitcher

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