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2019/20 Field Trial Test Results


Novice Stake for AV Spaniel on 27th January 2020 at Stowell Park by kind invitation of The Lord Vestey, headkeeper Mat Burton


Judges: Lee Cooper and Bob Lowe

1st:   Hadzorwood Embrace (ESS)  -  Niel Turner (Guns choice)
2nd:  Valentines Destiny of Bawdenlight (ESS)   -  James Bawden
3rd:   Breckmarsh elva of Carkees (ESS)  -  Margaret Cox
4th:   Tyn-Y-Waun Seren (ESS)  -  Jeff McAndrew
CoM: Edgegrove Swing (ESS)  -   Kevin John


Novice Stake for English Springer Spaiels on 9th December 2019 at Luscombe Estate by kind invitation of Sir David Hoare.


Judges:  Jeremy Davies and Chris Morgan

1st:   Pendaran Catori of Cinderash - Oliver Organ
2nd:  Kilhopemoss Starbuck of Spannerwood - Wayne Swiggs
3rd:   Wiscombe Sloegasm - Sara Chichester (guns choice)
4th:   Woodabudge Onyx - Alice Wise
CoM: Hawkcourt Pigeon - Nathan Hawkins
         Thistlepark Fred - Caroline Rawlings


Novice Cocker Trial held on 7th November 2019 at Pyne's Estate Shoot by kind permission of The Earl of Iddesleigh and Mr Paul Bowyer.

Judges: Steve Bolton and Dave Hodgson


1st:   Pathfields Roo - Jud Lascelles (Guns choice)
2nd:  Taffswell Torpedo - Matthew Warren
3rd:  Woodash Eejit - Graham Watkins
4th:   Rusty Freddie - Rob Wilmott
CoM: Leeglen Shea of Byrbwll - Jon Rees
         Centrewalk Skipper - Richard Preest, handler Jon West
         Dolbrenin Quintessence - Claire Davies, handler Jeremy Davies
         Rhubarb April Fool - Phoebe Watkins
         Dobrenin Quickstep - Jeremy Davies

Open AV Spaniel (except Cocker) trial held on 1st November 2019 at Powderham by kind invitation of the Earl of Devon, headkeeper Dick Durrant

Judges : Jeff Rayner & Martin Ford

1st:    FTCh Parkmeadow Tara - Steve Bates
2nd:   Bishwell Braith - Stuart Morgan
3rd:    FTCh Surefly Sassy - Terri Siwek
4th:    Shellspoon Snake Hips - Paddy Williams

CoM: Shiveck Whizzpopper of Deepfleet - Peter Avery
         Palmarrion Bracken - Marion Emery
         FTCh Dashbrook Peggy Sue - Steve Bolton

Guns choice: Shellspoon Every Cloud - Steven Blake

Open Cocker Trial held on 22nd October 2019 at Pyne's Estate Shoot by kind permission of The Earl of Iddesleigh and Paul Bowyer.

Judges: Dai lloyd and Justin Lascelles

1st:   Taffswell Toffey - Lewis Williams
2nd:  Endowwood Francesca - Alex Hayes, handler Ian Openshaw (Guns choice)
3rd:   Endowood Florence -  Ian Openshaw
4th:   Episcopi Bojangles - Anita Jones
CoM: Housty lilis Black Beauty -  Chris Morgan
         Pathfields Chubby - Tony Brown
         FTCh Corondown Silk of Clearmeadow - Andrea Perrett

Open AV Retriever Trial held on 18th/19th October 2019 at Combe Estate, Gittisham by kind invitation of our President Mr Richard Marker.


Judges:  Judy Rainey, Roger Wade, Mark Polley, Keith Sandercock

1st:    Ticefield Dazed N'Confused - Reuben Corbett (Best yellow dog)
2nd:  Ticefield Redwing of Anningtonbay - Mell Brooks
3rd:   Ffynongain Buzzardof Wauniago - Mike Jones
4th:   FTCh Flagonhall Hermes of Waterford - Jayne Coley
CoM: FTCh Artistryn Ulrich - Dave Field

         Zennawood Pitch Perfect - Jess Latham (Guns choice)

Novice AV Retriever Trial held on Saturday 12th October 2019 at Luscombe by kind invitation of Sir David Hoare.

Judges: Steve Ashby, Mary-Jane Opie, Helen Ford, Matt Gould

1st:     Invincible Emerald - Jonny Dower
2nd:   Highshot Cooper - Basil Smith
CoM:  Polihale Grizzly Bear of Foxcote - Jill Gardner
Guns Choice:  Cynhinfa Ruth of Roryspride - Rory Philips

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